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1. How do I order? Please call us at 864 · 576-4225, email or visit our store location.


2. Can you ship my order to me? Yes, we can ship anywhere. We generally use UPS and what ever it costs us is what it will cost you. There is no mark up.


3. What are your methods of payment? We accept Cash, Check and Visa/Master cards.


4. Do I have to put a down payment on my order? Yes, there is a down payment of 50% on any order. Smaller orders ($30.00 or under) we require the entire payment upfront.


5. Can I have an item special ordered? If you want to order anything under the categories of sports, billiards, signs, printing, and apparel chances are we can get it for you!


5. How long do you keep records for my previous orders? We divide all ordering history per year. And all our accessible ordering records are from the past five years.


Screen Printing & Embroidery



1. Can I bring my own products to print or embroider? If you prefer to you can bring your own. However, we recommend that you choose from our catalogs to take advantage of our wholesale prices, cheaper production costs and to ensure the best quality.


2. Can I buy my own product blanks for less than you sell them to me? Probably not, as we get special pricing from the distributors that the general public doesn't. Plus most distributors wont sell blanks unless you're in the industry.


3. How can you compensate me if there is damage done to my "own" product during production? While we ensure you that we treat your personal goods with greatest care, accidents do happen during production. We simply cannot take responsibility for the estimated monetary worth of any personal product brought into the store. Compensation would be left up to the discretion of our company manager, seeing as it would be impossible for us to replace your "own" items, unlike relpacing the items we order as a company.


4. What can you print on? We can print on just about anything- even hard surfaced products- as long as they are free of resins and relatively flat. However, some hard surfaces are better suited for Decals. For more information, be sure talk to our sales associates.


5. What can you embroider on? We can embroider on about just any fabric, as long as it's not too thick. For more information, be sure to talk to our sales associates. 


6. What is your turnaround time? Our general turnaround time is 7-10 days. Be sure to order early and don't wait until the last minute to ensure your order arrives on time. Rush service is available.


7. Why does the resolution of my artwork matter? If the resolution is too low than the print quality will be poor. Our artists would have to redraw the artwork. We charge $40.00 per hour art fee. 


8. I want to reprint an old design. Do I have to pay the set up fees again?

Chances are the answer is, "No, you don't." We file away your artwork and screens so you don't have to. However, if you haven't printed the design with a year of your last print date, there is a reactivation fee for the screens needed to make the screen print.

Embroidery, on the other hand, is all digital artwork. If your artwork required a setup fee and it's been 3 years since you last used the design, then we still have it on file.


Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes



1. Is my artwork kept on file? Yes, we save all artwork and can reprint your cards, letters or envelopes again, without the art fee.





1. Can I order items off-season? Our products are not seasonal. You can order them anytime you'd like.


2. Do you provide equipment and uniforms for the sports not listed? We specialize in the sports listed; however we can special order equipment and for any other sport. Check our Markwort-Football/Basketball (22.3mb - 31.2mb) catalog for the following sports: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Tenis, Lacrosse, Hockey, Boxing, Rugby, Track, Badminton, Golf, and Swimming.And for uniforms, our uniform catalogs or apparel catalogs may have what you're looking for. If not, give us a call and we'll special order it for you!


3. What if I can't find what I'm looking for online? Give our sales associates a call to see if we have it at the storefront or if we can special order it for you.

Signs, Banners & Graphics



1. Do you sell sign componets for installation. Yes, we do. We can supply you with a variety of componets for hanging signs and flags. Call for more details at 864 · 576-4225.


2. Can you put the decal on my vehicle? Yes we can. If you have a large decal or would rather have our experienced artist place your decal, then bring your vehicle to the shop or we can come to you. Call about service pricing at 864 · 576-4225.




Apparel & Promotional Products



1. Can I purchase apparel and promotional products without getting anything printed on them? Of course you can.


2. What if I can't find what I'm looking for? Chances are we can have it ordered.


3. Can I return an item if it doesn't fit me? If the product is unprinted and undamaged, you can return it for a small restocking fee. We encourage those, who are uncertain about fit, to request a sizing chart or come into the store to work with a sales associate. We cannot be responsible for the cost of requested items. Once a purchase is made, all product stands as being owned by the customer. Please inquire about all product before ordering!  

Note: If product is of poor quality from our supplier, Spartan Custom will exchange the item at no extra cost to our customers.


4. Why aren't all the prices listed? Because there are simply too many to list. The prices vary differently between quantities, brand, sizes and colors. Call us with the styles and quantities you are interested in and we will let you know what they go for.




1. Why choose Spartan Custom for your pool table needs? Because Spartan Custom has over 35 years of experience in pool table sales, maintenance and repair. We guarantee top of the line billiard products and services.


2. What all do you have? We sell and buy new and used tables and carry dozens of cue and accessory options in-store. Check out our catalogs for 100s of options! 


3. Can you order me parts that are not listed on your the website? Yes, we can. There are so many it's hard to list everything, so chances are we can supply you with whatever you're looking for.




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